Creating & Testing

& Testing

We will give a face to your mobile campaign

Spyke Media is your partner whenever you want to connect to mobile audiences globally. We‘re your first stop if you want to set up a campaign or modify your creatives to boost mobile marketing performance.

Spyke Media has a solid background in Online and Mobile Marketing as well as a team experienced in Mobile Business Models. We know how to approach the customers to ideally transport a message and lead to conversions. We offer you this unique mobile market experience as we set about establishing your successful mobile campaign.

We will identify your media opportunities and help you create an according campaign including all creatives to make this happen. We have an in-house creative team that has helped a host of mobile businesses boost their performance.

We will help you establish a mobile presence that suits your brand and the audience alike – while making sure that conversion is always in the focus. Our team can identify strengths and weaknesses of the creatives, adjust them and test in small batches to prepare your campaign for roll-out.

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    Campaign set-up

    Whether you have the tools to create and modify your mobile campaign or just need a second opinion, our team will be at your service. Use our brains to hit your target.

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    A presence fit for mobile

    Our team is made of experts in mobile, which will be useful for you in all mobile marketing scenarios. Talk to us for adaptation and creation of ads for small screen and tablet audiences.

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    Testing with maximized scrutiny

    The development of successful mobile marketing isn’t a three-step-process, it’s a continuous evolution. To optimize campaigns, it’s important to test them and feed back the insights.

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    Tracking market performance

    Our credibility isn’t measured by creativity (which we like), but by succeeding creatively. We’ll assist you with tracking implementation so that all key indicators remain in sight at all times.