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Media buying
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We at Spyke Media have a top priority: To target the right audiences at the right rates as we get out your message. This means intensive strategic planning and high transparency to you as we benefit from the many access points we have to connect to the mobile customer.

  • Spyke Media

    Spyke Media assists you in defining your needs, laying out your media strategy and achieving attractive price levels for roll-out.

  • The audience

    • We identify media opportunities in our network
    • Our partners guarantee visibility in 20+ countries
    • Refined targeting of international audiences
  • Your campaign

    • We identify your needs and help plan campaigns
    • Spyke assists in optimizing your marketing
    • Our team is your partner for mobile creativity
  • Key benefits

    • Spyke identifies your media opportunities and target groups
    • Spyke helps improve the return on your mobile ad spend
    • Spyke has a network of experts in more than 20 countries

Nothing is more important in mobile marketing that reaching the right people at the right rates. We offer you this combination. We do this by tapping into a wide selection of possibilites to drive the message into the market, which consist of various mobile advertising networks, affiliate networks, direct publisher connections, ad exchanges and more.

We plan campaigns according to the defined needs of our customers and make exact predictions as to the prices and other implications. As strategic as we plan the media exposure, we‘re also committed to quick response: We can react immediately to optimize your performance.

Spyke Media uses its experience and network to leverage buying power as it gets the best rates for its customers. Our media plans reflect our philosophy of efficiency. Thanks to our own targeting options, we can increase the probability of conversions. And our media buying knowledge lets us get the right inventory at the right time.