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When your campaign is driven to the market, we immediately start thinking about what could still be done better.
This is our principle. We won‘t go home happy. Ever. But you will.

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    Daily Conversion Reports

    A type of report that delivers you a quick overview of the conversions and ad spend per day, generated once per 24 hours for easy comparison.

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    Customized Reports

    SPYKE is here to best suit your needs, so we will provide you with the report that match your demands. Based on your definitions, we will generate reports to drive your performance.

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    Detailed Campaign Report

    Detailed campaign reports over selected periods deliver KPIs such as clicks, conversion, CTR, CPA/CPI, filtered by levels such as campaigns, offers, ads and placements.

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    Audience Overview Report

    Receive an instant overview of audience metrics, track visits over the previous months, see who’s new and who returns, analyze session details, relevance and much more.

As Spyke uses a whole range of networks and targeting options to increase your performance, we put the utmost priority in making the results of our working transparent for you. We analyze every single click, every conversion, and put a price to each move.

SPYKE will assist you in identifying the relevant KPIs and define campaign parameters. Based on the real-time analysis our team establishes ways to potentially optimize a campaign. This may be simply shifting it to other inventory, or it may be minor adjustments in creatives, or a combination.

Our system of analysis, reporting and optimization works with all forms of mobile campaigns – be it a classic banner campaign or in-app-advertising. This helps you make good decisions the next time around – and lets us trust you will choose us as your partner again.